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Chocolate Covered Pretzels


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{Candy Post} Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This is our FIRST post of 2016. Now that the holidays are over, back to business. See below chocolate covered strawberries and oreos for next month's holiday--Valentine's Day. 

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{Candy Post} Bumble Bees....

(Rice Krispies)

Let's talk Apples!!! {Consistency Challenge Day #1}

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!!

It's been a while so let me re-introduce myself--- My name is Luci and I am the owner and candy designer of CandybyLuci. I create gourmet chocolate apples and other cute and chic chocolate treats for upcoming special occasions.  All treats are hand dipped and neatly packaged to add to the display and decor of your event and save you the time and hassle of worrying about party favors. Years ago, before I had a website, I used this blog as a website. (I'm sure you will see posts of pictures and no words if scroll all the way back to 2011 or 2010). Since then, I have created a real website and am found on several social media sites including facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter.  For the month of October, I have committed to blogging everyday as a part of the OnPoint Octoberconsistency challenge. Within this challenge, a group of business owners have each committed themselves to do one thing consistently everyday for the entire month.  I am reall…