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Holiday Orders 2014

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years

Special Order: (sugar lay ons)
*Orders must be placed 2 weeks before due date
*Deposit must be in to lock in your date and order.
*Prices may vary for special decorations

Basic Color:
*Orders should be in at least one week before the due date.
*Last minute orders are accepted up to 4 days before the due date.
*Deposit must be in to lock in your date and order

Contact us:
Facebook: I Love Candy by Luci
Instagram: @candybyluci

View us:
Twitter: @candybyluci
Facebook: I Love Candy by Luci
Pinterest: @candybyluci
Instagram: @candybyluci


*Candy Apples (any color, any flavor)

*Chocolate dipped:

~Add sprinkles, crushed oreo, crushed reeses, or crushed pretzels to any order~


*Table styling
*Labels and Signs

Thank you for supporting I Love Candy by Luci!!!


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