Monday, December 22, 2014

{Candy Post} Gingerbread Christmas Chocolate

Excuse the mess!!!! 20 boxes up and ready to go.....

The tray below was for a Christmas party -- I loved the gingerbread tray--had to point that out. 

Inside of the tray: Pretzels and Oreos
Sprinkles on white chocolate, red and green sugar also on white chocolate

This year our overall theme was the gingerbread man. Christmas trees and snowmen were big, but for the tags and general bags Gingerbread was the theme. Our "gingerbread" themed sprinkles were ordered online from one of THEE BEST shops: The Bakers Confections. 

The Bakers Confections

We also debuted a new flavor (seasonal)


Cinnamon Cream Cheese!!!


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