Friday, May 23, 2014

Craft Ideas: Memorial Day Centerpieces

So I have never (to my recollection) made a centerpiece, a roseball, or any sort of flower arrangement but decided to give this a try after watching several youtube videos and deciding to try something different in the world of crafts. The goal was to make a simple rose ball, but the glass and the water beads were on sale and so I picked those up as well.  Not bade for round 1. 

So to start, I hot glued roses to a round styrofoam ball until it was completely covered. Since Memorial Day is so close, the red, white and blue roses were on sale and so I picked them up. I have not seen any arrangements this color on pinterest so I figured this would be new for me and my online portfolio. :)

After the ball was completely covered, I added water beads to the jar. Next I added water to the jar until the beads were completely covered and left it to sit overnight. The instructions were to let the beads sit/soak for 4 to 6 hours, but overnight was fine in this case. In the morning, the beads were enlarged and filled the glass almost to the top. 

And.....the finished product!!!!

Another new project: Tutu's

Not much to say but updates are to come

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