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D.I.Y. Project: Trying out tulle and the world of tutus......

The beginning:

The finished product: (front)

The second tutu:

Craft Ideas: Memorial Day Centerpieces

So I have never (to my recollection) made a centerpiece, a roseball, or any sort of flower arrangement but decided to give this a try after watching several youtube videos and deciding to try something different in the world of crafts. The goal was to make a simple rose ball, but the glass and the water beads were on sale and so I picked those up as well.  Not bade for round 1. 

So to start, I hot glued roses to a round styrofoam ball until it was completely covered. Since Memorial Day is so close, the red, white and blue roses were on sale and so I picked them up. I have not seen any arrangements this color on pinterest so I figured this would be new for me and my online portfolio. :)
After the ball was completely covered, I added water beads to the jar. Next I added water to the jar until the beads were completely covered and left it to sit overnight. The instructions were to let the beads sit/soak for 4 to 6 hours, but overnight was fine in this case. In the morning, the beads wer…

Party Ideas: Memorial Day

All of the photos shown are quick, cute and easy ways to add color, fruit and fun to the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. Save these ideas and re use them for 4th of July or Labor Day weekend.

Photo credit: {Hostess with the Mostess} Stars and Stripes Cheesecake Shots
{She Knows} Red, White and Blue  Cocktails
{Martha Stewart}  Paper  Candy Rockets
{Mom on Timeout} Red, White and Blue  Breakfast

Photo credit: {Pizzazzerie} Twizzlers in a jar
{Love the Day}  Printable  Paper Chain
{Preschool  Rock} fruit kabobs and fruit tray flag
{The Celebration Shoppe} Memorial Day table

So let's D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself!!!) --Feel free to substitute any of the items below

Shopping list:
Strawberries or Raspberries
Bananas or Pineapple
French toast, waffles or pancakes
Whipped cream
Kabob sticks
M&ms (red and blue)
Blue, red and white craft paper

Cocktail recipe: click here

Cheesecake recipe: click here

Memorial Day table: click here

***All of the pictures …

Party Planning: Think Outside of the box!

D.I.Y. childrens parties can be both a CREATIVE and CHALLENGING experience. Places such as Party City and Walmart have pre packaged party sets with the matching tablecloth, paper plates, cups and napkins which can make party planning and decorating very easy, but what if for this upcoming party, you step OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.......

What if you put back the tablecloth (and keep the other items) and get a solid color fabric tablecloth?
Or what if you purchased personalized party stationary? Instead of just buying spiderman cups, buy a water bottle label with your child's name listed and a picture of spiderman and add it to a small bottle of water or juice box? (creative and cheap) 

{Source} Catch My Party

{source} Hostess with the Mostess

{source}Kara's Party Ideas and A to Zebra Celebrations


{source} The Sugar Diva

{Pinterest Finds} Love Love Love Pinterest!!!

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Baby Baptism

Bachelorette Party (2013)

Bachelorette Party

Bridal Shower (2013)

Bridal Shower

Yo Gabba Gabba and Toy Story (2013)

{Candy Post} Chocolate dipped oreos....

Its A Girl....


Chocolate covered Oreos and Pretzels