Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love Candy! by Luci Makeover

New Prices! New Packages! New Options! New Colors! New Treats!

I Love Candy! by Luci
Full Service Sweet Shop and Personalized Favors

We CREATE chocolate treats including chocolate lollipops and chocolate dipped pretzels, marshmallows and oreo cookies.

We retail SELL our customers favorite candies, including snickers, twix, starbursts, skittles and more...

Our Menu:
Chocolate Lollipops (all vanilla chocolate flavored, dyed to to a specific color)

and chocolate dipped:
* Pretzels
*Oreo Cookies


Basic Sale
5 items for $8
(your choice of pretzels, cookies, lollipops or marshmallows)
Party Bucket   $35
8 lollipops, 8 pretzels, 8 cookies and 8 marshmallows (32 pieces)
Baby Shower, Bridal Shower and Sports Baskets $35
20 pretzels and 12 lollipops (32 pieces)

Deluxe Basket  $65
30 pretzels, 11 marshmallows, 11 lollipops (52 pieces)

*****Each basket can be mixed and matched i.e, 32 pretzels, or 32 lollipops, etc.

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