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Holiday Treats- Let's get to work!!!!!

The day before Thanksgiving kicks off a season of imagination. I am so excited to prepare for this upcoming holiday season. Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas, Holiday, and New Years parties and the all year long birthday party orders, this November and December is sure to bring in new ideas and inspiration. Happy Holidays to everyone and stay tuned for more fun and festive treats!!!!! Sneak peek of orders to come......

I Love Candy! By Luci


* Lollipops

* Pretzels

* Cookies (oreos)

* Marshmallows

* Apples

* Cherries

The lollipops are melted chocolate and the other five are treats dipped in chocolate or designed with a chocolate mold.!/notes/i-love-candy-by-luci/menu-and-price-list/130395087017245